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Full runs, some costumes and actual competition feel!


The Ice Academy of Montréal, the world’s leading centre of excellence in Ice Dance, brings to you I.AM LIVE 2021, produced by Markey Int’l Arts, a special global live-stream broadcast event showcasing a 15min training session, some interviews and FULL run-throughs of the upcoming season’s Short Dance or Free Dance routines of 7 of your favourite Ice Dance couples. Filmed by Jordan Cowan on ice with the skaters, we immerse you in the most authentic way possible in the World of Ice Dance.  I.AM LIVE is designed to delight you with a pre-view of what’s to come this season, live performances, behind-the-scenes interviews and commentary by I.AM skaters and coaches. Check out the list of skaters who will be appearing below.
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Montréal/New York: 11:00 

Vancouver/Los Angeles: 08:00 

Paris: 17:00

Moscow: 19:00

Beijing: 23:00

Tokyo: 00:00 

Sydney 01:00 (+1)






3rd September 2021

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